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Pyrotechnic Electrician, Henna Tattoo Artist


Henna Art




Above are photos of some of my recent temporary tattoos. I work with both Henna and Jagua.


Henna is a plant that grows in desert climates. Applying a paste made from this plant is known to cool the body's core temperature and cleanse the liver. Henna produces a reddish brown stain.

Generations of designs from India, Morocco, Egypt, and more have evolved into ornate, hand drawn images that differ widely from culture to culture.

To create the paste, the henna plant is dried and ground into a powder. I purchase this powder and add water, eucalyptus oil, and lemon juice. I then apply the paste to skin in free hand designs. After about 20 minutes, the paste dries and falls off, revealing a deep brown stain.


Jagua is a fruit from the lemon family that originates in the Amazon rainforest. 

It is now grown in farms for tattooing purposes and I purchase directly from the growers. The gel of the fruit is strained to remove seeds and impurities, and lavender oil is added for consistency. The gel is mailed frozen and ready to use. Jagua produces a deep blue-black stain which is the darkest stain in the natural world.

Just like henna, I apply the gel in free hand designs.


These stains permanently dye the top layers of skin and fade away as the skin is exfoliated.

Depending on placement, the stain lasts 1-3 weeks. The best placement is hands, feet, wrists, and ankles. Remember: the closer to your heart, the lighter your stain will appear.

I have over 15 years of experience working with amazing companies like Love Harvest, Star Souls, Henna Lounge, and Universal Studios. Feel free to contact me with inquiries. Individual and group rates are available.